COVID Rules of Play 

These rules are no longer in operation at the present time (March 2023).


Duffus Tennis Club Reopening Rules   

1. Who you can play with 

·         Singles: with other club members or a visitor/guest.

·         Doubles can now be played among mixed households. 

·         We are very happy to welcome visitors, guests and potential new members now.  See Court Booking for details of how to book a court.  If you would like more information about joining, please email

·         Under the present guidance limited 1-1 coaching is permissible.

2. Court opening times 

·         Courts will be available from 8:00 am till sundown.

·         If the gate is locked you must cover your hand with your sleeve or by wearing a glove to use both the lock and the handle. Signs will be posted on both sides of the gate to remind you.

·         If you're the last person to leave in the evening, please make sure that the gate is securely locked. 

3. Clubhouse 

·         See above

·         You must bring your own water, hand sanitiser and marker pen for balls.

·         The club will provide disinfectant for spraying the court gate which should be left inside the courts.

4. Court bookings 

·         At this time there is unfortunately no opportunity to just turn up and play. 

·         All courts have to be booked online using a booking system, for which you need to register.

Please note this is the only way of booking a court.

·         All players' names need to be included in the booking request 

·         We hope to have a 15 minute difference in start times on adjacent courts there were also be 15 minutes between each court session which will allow you a full 1.5 hours play on court.

·         Courts should be booked no more than 7 days in advance. No block bookings please.

·         No member can play more than 1.5 hours of tennis per day. If possible we will look to relax this if court availability is not a problem.

·         If you've booked a court and subsequently find you can't use it then please cancel the booking as soon as you can. 

·        All courts are bookable. 

5. On Court  - Arrive, play and leave . 

·         Arrive just in time for your booking no more than five minutes beforehand and leave the club promptly when your time is up 

·         Do not put any belongings either on the benches or near your opponent’s belongings.

·         Please utilise your full 1.5 hours booking to maximise your exercise. 

·         We recommend no changing ends, however, if you decide to do so please make sure it's at different sides of the net.

·         No physical contact and no shaking of hands. 

·         Do not chase down balls which take you too close to those on adjacent courts.

6. Tennis Balls/Equipment

·         Members must use their own equipment including rackets, balls and water bottles 

·         Duffus Tennis Club will initially provide each member with one can of tennis balls for free. These will be available by appointment from our secretary, Stephen. Use Additional cans of balls can be purchased from the club, paid for by BACS - £6 for a tin of 3 balls.

Online payment to Bank of Scotland - Account No. 00306950 - Sort Code 80-06-26 

·         You must clearly mark the balls as yours before playing with them. Please ensure you bring your own marker pen with you. 

·         All players should sanitise their hands before every session and again immediately afterwards Please ensure you bring your own sanitiser with you 

7. Hard surfaces

·         Please be aware that you must not under any circumstances touch any hard surface with your bare hands. This includes door locks, handles, court latches, benches, bins, net winders. Signage will be there to remind you. 

8. Juniors 

·         At the moment, junior members must be accompanied by an adult from the same household when at Duffus Tennis Club. 

·         Parents are responsible for the safe behaviour of all junior members at all times.

9. Other.

·         Finally please ensure that you take any rubbish away.